A Great Way to Start the Day



What a great way to start the day… a beautiful bowl of fruit salad.  I tried a yellow honeydew melon for the first time, yum!  It was so sweet and juicy, and made a great bowl for my salad.  I added some other fruit I had in the fridge too.  Some pineapple, orange, apple, blueberries for a splash of color, and I had to garnish the top with my new favorite thing… a sprinkle of unsweetened finely shredded coconut.  This delicious breakfast was gluten-free and vegan.


2 thoughts on “A Great Way to Start the Day”

  1. Wow!! This Fruit Bowl sounds Delicious. How clever to use the melon shell for a Bowl. I definitely have to try this one. Thankyou for sharing. :0)~~

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