Ignorance is Bliss


We have all heard the saying “Ignorance is bliss” , but I really understand the meaning now.  The ignorance of not really knowing anything about the food I was putting into my body was bliss.  I enjoyed all the convenience of microwaved quick frozen dinners, eating so much processed food.  How fast, cheap and easy it was  to go get drive-thru fast food.  Can’t decide what to fix for dinner… everyone says order PIZZA!

Those days of blindly eating whatever I want are over.  Now that I know what is really in all those foods I am a little scared.  Take pizza for example, look at this investigation Food Babe did on our favorite Pizza Restaurants.  It’s not just pizza restaurants, it’s everywhere.  All the GMO’s in our everyday food,  food that we are feeding our children, our families, ourselves.   Other countries ban what our FDA approves in the US  for us to eat.  My bliss has now been replaced by anger.  We have to hold the FDA accountable for the bad decisions they are making.   The FDA is there to protect us, its time they started doing it!