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It’s The Balm Review and Giveaway


It’s The Balm Review

As I am getting older I have noticed my skin is getting dull and lifeless. It just doesn’t have that young dewy skin look anymore. So I jumped at the chance when Nicole from Organic Sunshine asked me if I wanted to try some of her It’s The Balm  bath and beauty products that she hand-makes from organic and natural ingredients.

My daughter and I went to the Jacksonville Beach Art Walk here in Florida where on the 2nd Tuesday of the month local artist can set up and display their work.  Nicole has set up an It’s The Balm table showcasing her fabulous hand-made products.

it's the balm table
Nicole at her It’s The Balm table at the Jax Beach Art Walk


Nicole had an It’s The Balm goodie bag ready for me with Island Sugar Scrub, Citrus Sugar Scrub, Citrus-Lemongrass Body Lotion, Key Lime Kiss Lip Balm, and one of her new Herbal Infused Bath Bombs.


bath and body


The first thing I noticed when I got home and started checking out the products was that they all had a beautiful clean uplifting fragrance.  The Island Scrub was one of my favorites scents. It has a heavenly sweet tropical scent that makes me want taste it. I just had to try it out!  It left my skin glowing and invigorated. The shea butter, and other natural oils left my skin so moisturized that I didn’t need to apply extra moisturizer afterward. It even has vitamins A and E included in the ingredients.

I had the same experience with the Citrus Sugar Scrub, it left my skin feeling so soft and luminous from head to toe. It has a fresh clean citrus scent, that is very uplifting, and left my skin with a light citrus-y aroma that I really enjoyed. I can’t believe how these scrubs have turned my lifeless skin into that dewy luminous skin that I had longed for.

If you love taking long relaxing baths the Herbal Infused Bath Bombs are just what you are looking for. The organic herbs made my bath a blissful experience. There were actual little pieces of fresh herbs floating in the tub water, they smelled amazing… I loved the little pieces of fresh organic spearmint, it was heavenly. The bath bombs also contain coconut and almond oils which left my skin so soft and glowing afterward.

Today was another hot summer afternoon in Florida and I was trying to put off taking my walk I just didn’t have the energy .  I put on some of the Citrus-Lemongrass Body Lotion and Key Lime Kiss Lip Balm and it was just what I needed to jump-start my walk. The Citrus-Lemongrass lotion has such an invigorating scent I was ready and energized to go. I love the Key Lime Lip Balm it is a sweet treat for the lips for sure.  Yummy sweet lime flavor that makes you wanna come back for more and more, and it left my lips feeling so soft.

I love the bath products so much that Nicole has put together a special It’s The Balm giveaway just for my Gotta Chop readers…

Its the balm giveaway

The Giveaway

One lucky reader will win the Body Scrub Sampler Kit which will include the following  scrubs–

island scrub
Island Sugar Scrub


coffee scrub
Toning Coffee Scrub
Citrus Sugar Scrub




To enter the giveaway for these 3 body scrubs use the GT giveaway tool below.

Once you complete the two mandatory entries you will then have access to several optional entries. You can choose to do as many as you like. I wanna give you several fun ways to earn extra entries in the giveaway.  The more entries the better chance you have to win.

Good Luck!



159 thoughts on “It’s The Balm Review and Giveaway”

  1. I am battling cracked dry feet this summer. Ohhh it is not pretty @ all! I would be so happy to try the summer smooth feet kit. Lord knows I been trying everything else under the sun. Really I have. The best help I have gotten is from Bag Balm and then wrapping my feet up in saran wrap. Sad I have to do it like that but… I had to do something!So embarrassing wearing sandals with cracks in my feet. Dont get me wrong. I am blessed I have feet. Thankful for it in fact.

    1. Hi April…I love using these scrubs on my feet. I don’t like wearing sandals with cracked heals either 😀 Not only do they exfoliate but they are very moisturizing as well.

  2. I really want to try the Oats & Honey Cleansing Facial Scrub. I love her stuff & really want to order some of it.

  3. The sugar scrubs, especially the coffee or citrus, would be great to try. I love facial scrubs.

  4. I went and looked around again today and I am liking the Island summer kit. Though I am land locked with no beach any place near. I like the description of the layered fragrances. It sounds like it smells divine!

  5. Just the names of these products make them sound like they smell delightful! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  6. The lightweight liquid moisturizer is something I’d like to try. I hate heavy creams & moisturizers, but as someone with dry skin I sometimes wind up using them.

  7. My sweet dear neighbor is a hair stylist and she had told me about a conditioner called “The Balm”. When I first read about this line I though perhaps it was one in the same but it was not . This is wonderful good stuff for you body. I will support this woman in her endeavors as I am a big believer we gals gotta stick together. Also her products sound delicious! Thank you for exposing us to these rich luxurious pampering products !

    1. You are very welcome April, and Nicole from It’s The Balm is the nicest and makes great body products. Thanks for supporting women… girl power 😀

  8. The tropical island spa kit seems wonderful, a full body tropical experience. However the sugar scrub and the toning coffee scrub are described so lusciously it is very difficult to choose a first choice!

    1. Thanks for the heads-up April I will contact GoDaddy and see if there is a problem. The other day they were having issues and I couldn’t get it to load either, I haven’t had a problem since then though.

  9. 2nd day I can’t get the widget to open…anybody else having a problem or is it just me?

  10. i love the Natural Lip Balm – Peppermint Kiss because of the scent! i love to try new scents

        1. That is all that my mom uses. She loves natural products especially since she went natural for her hair for I believe the 2nd or 3rd time. I am totally in on it with her. We even went natural for our food and beverages. Not all the way thought because it isnknida hard to do that with so much GMO stuff everywhere. I was wondering how you get products to review because I have been wanting to review products for a long time. I even have my own blog. So hopefully you can get back to me soon. ♥♥;-)

          1. For this review I got the products from my blogger friend. I also just started using , I have signed up at and some of the giveaways are blogger opps, I have a tap on my menu where i post recent blogger opps that are available. I hope this helps, let me know if you find any other good places for reviews.

  11. The Peppermint Kiss Natural Lip Balm would be great as a stocking stuffer at Christmas! I bet it tastes good o the lips, too, lol!

  12. The Pregnancy Pamper Kit would make a great gift for a baby shower! I’d love to try the citrus body mist, myself.

  13. As a diabetic, I deal with very dry skin, so I love scrubs! I’d love to try the coffee scrub or the Island scrub.

  14. I keep coming back to the scrubs. If you have dry skin problems, a good scrub can really help get rid of dry, dead skin.

  15. I’d love to try the Island Summer Kit for various reasons.
    1. I’m back in school and missing summer already!
    2. I love smelling yummy and this would get me even more compliments.
    3. The ingredients are awesome

  16. The Tropical Island Spa Kit looks great. That would be a great gift for someone who needs a little pampering.

  17. I also would like the smooth feet kit! It drives me crazy when I have a bunch of dead skin there! I also lwould like the hand sanitizer! Thank you

  18. I keep coming back to the scrubs & I think the coffee scrub would be great. Even though I don’t drink coffee, I love coffee candies, ice creams, etc, lol.

  19. Love the Citrus-Lemongrass Body Lotion, the Fresh Citrus Body Mist and the Island Sugar Scrub. Those would be my favourites. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I think the Key Lime or Peppermint Lip Balms would be great for my niece, aged 10. She loves that stuff.

  21. Still have my eye on the Tropical Sugar Scrub,but I am sure that I would love the Tropical Moisture Lotion and Tropical Body Spray.The description of IT’S THE BALM Tropical product line brings back wonderful memories of favorite Jamaican vacations!!!

  22. I would like to try Cooling Foot Scrub – Natural, Organic, Exfoliating & Moisturizing.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. I love trying new scrubs, soaps, masks, etc. I bet the Citrus Lemongrass scented products would be great.

  24. I love the Herbal Infusion Bath Bombs! They look really cool! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  25. I daydreamed through their website and of course I would love to win the Body Scrubs Sampler Kit, like the one you reviewed here, in the giveaway! One reason is because I’d get 3, instead of having to narrow a favorite choice down to only one of their wonderful products. If I had this set, I would keep the Coffee Toning Scrub for me and my poor thighs.. lol! I’ve read so many positive things about the benefits of Coffee scrubs and have been really wanting to try it! I’d treat 2 of our daughters with the other 2 scrubs so that 3 of us could benefit from this Kit!

    1. Don’t just love that you get all three and you don’t have to make the choice of which one to get. It is so sweet of you to want to share with your daughters too, they would be thrilled I’m sure 😀

  26. Any scrub , so hard to choose I like the sound of the Island Scrub though, fall is almost here. just a way to keep it summer. 😀

  27. Love the Whipped Body Cream – Natural, Organic and Super Moisturizing. Sounds yummy.

  28. Hey there! Just thought I’d let you know that I finally got to try all of the scrubs given to me! Nicole was so kind, not only did she give me an extra scrub (I got 4, instead of 3!), she also let me choose which ones I wanted to try! They are all so wonderful!
    If anyone is curious, the four that I chose were:
    the Cooling Foot Scrub (I gave this one to my mom to try, and she loves it!), the Fruity Vanilla Sandalwood scrub (smells great and left my skin feeling great), the Citrus Sugar Scrub (just like the Fruity Vanilla Sandalwood, the scent is great and it exfoliates just as great), and lastly the Toning Coffee Scrub (this one may just be my favorite because it does such a great job of toning and smoothing your skin!).
    I have nothing negative I could possibly say about Nicole or her products, and I cannot wait until I can buy some more!
    Thank you so much, again, to both Gotta Chop and It’s The Balm for the opportunity to try these and for being so wonderful!

    1. I am so happy you won Jessica 😀 Thank you for such a fantastic comment! I am so happy you are lovin’ your scrubs. That was super nice of Nicole to add the extra scrub! The Fruity Vanilla Sandalwood scrub sounds heavenly 😀 Enjoy your scrubs!

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