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Maggie’s Gotta #GoForGold Fundraiser


Begins on June 23 at 9:00 a.m. MT and ends on August 21 at 11:59 p.m. MT.

All of the 15 #GoforGold fundraiser wraps will be permanently retired, so get them while you can!

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#goforgold fundraiser

The #GoForGold Fundraiser was created by Jamberry to support 15 U.S. women  athletes in achieving their dreams to go for gold and represent us, the U.S., at the Summer games.

#GoForGold Fundraiser

You know only 60% of U.S. Olympians receive less than the poverty line amount of income  as they train for their events.  Most receive help from their family and friends just to get by. Unfortunately women athletes are also less likely to receive sponsorship than men.

go for gold

That’s Where Jamberry Stepped In


We have created 15 new designs, one for each Olympian with a theme around the Summer Games.  A portion of the proceeds from every design sold will go directly to the athletes,  not to a managing committee.

 Divided Equally Among the 15 Athletes




⇒⇒ Our goal is to sell 75,000 Go for Gold fundraiser wraps⇐⇐




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The 15 U.S. Women Olympians Include:

  • Jenny Arthur: Weightlifting
  • Brigetta Barrett: High Jumper
  • Corey Cogdell: Trap Shooter
  • Alyson Dudek: Skating – Short Track
  • Adeline Gray: Wrestling
  • Maggie Hogan: Canoe-Kayak Sprint
  • Courtney Hurley: Fencer
  • Kelley Hurley: Fencer
  • Isabella Isaksen: Modern Pentathlon
  • Margaux Isaksen: Modern Pentathlon
  • Tiffeny Parker: T&F/Heptathlon
  • Jennifer Wu: Table Tennis
  • Lily Zhang: Table Tennis
  • Jiaqi Zheng: Table Tennis
  • One other – TBA

The 15 Olympians who will receive the proceeds from the Go for Gold fundraiser were selected based on the obstacles they’ve had to overcome to qualify for the Summer Games.



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