Tomato Salad With Onion and Basil


This afternoon  was really nice outside, so I hunted for my bathing suit, and thought maybe I will sit outside and get some Vitamin D.  I carried my lawn-chair out to a sunny place and sat down, leaned back, shut my eyes and just enjoyed the peace and solitude.  There was a nice breeze blowing and the birds were singing in the background, what a great moment to just relax and enjoy my thoughts.  After awhile I walked around and looked at my garden.  I picked some green onions and basil and went inside and made a tomato salad.  I snipped the green onions and basil up with my kitchen shears and put them in a bowl.  Then chopped up a tomato and added it to the bowl with some salt and pepper and a little powdered garlic. I added a little Mayo and gently mixed it up.  Then I went back outside and found a nice shady spot to sit and enjoy this fresh tomato salad I just made.




2 thoughts on “Tomato Salad With Onion and Basil”

  1. This Tomatoe Salad sounds so Light & Fresh!! Sometimes Simple is best! Thankyou for sharing!!

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