expandable hose review

Expandable Hose Review


Expandable Hose Review

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  • Strongest Hose Available at 100-PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) Working Pressure
  • 300-PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) Burst Pressure
  • Starts Out 33 Feet and Expands to 100 Feet with Water Pressure, Release Pressure and Hose Returns to 33 Feet
  • Lightweight will Not Tangle, Twist, or Kink
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee For A Risk Free Buying Experience


I had the opportunity to review this hose for my blog. I really didn’t know what to expect because I have never tried one of these type hoses before.  When I took the hose out of the box I couldn’t believe how lightweight it was, only weighing 2 lbs. I always dreaded lugging a traditional hose around the yard, they are so heavy and cumbersome. This hose is amazing, it is soft and flexible enough to gather up and carry around anywhere you need to take it.

expandable hose review
So light I can gather it up and carry it anywhere with ease.


The hose starts out 33 feet long and expands with water pressure to 100 feet, and then shrinks back down to 33 feet for easy storage. I love that this hose does not “kink” when using it, I always get a kink when I am dragging my old hose around. I also like that there is a little on and off lever on the adapter that you screw a sprayer to, its nice to be able to control the water flow from the end of the hose you are using and not have to go all the way to the faucet to turn it off while you are using it.


expandable hose review
On and off lever on the hose.


You can purchase this hose from Amazon.com by clicking here.


I received this hose free of charge in exchange for my blog review. I was not or will not be paid for this review and the opinions are all my own.