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Everywhere I look I see pictures of Jamberry Nails… manicure pics, pedicure pics, women and children of all ages wearing Jamberry Nails. I had to find out what all the excitement was about. During my research I found out that Jamberry Nails are gluten-free, latex-free, non-toxic and contain no harmful chemicals. Which is ahh-mazing! I just knew I had to try some. I found a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant  and she offered to send me some samples to try so I could write a blog review and host a giveaway. 


 Here are a few things I love —

What I like about Jamberry Nails
Jamberry Nails


I watched so many YouTube videos on how to apply the nail wraps that I was a little intimidated when I got them.  I was so excited to try them, but I just knew I was gonna mess them up, so I just kept on watching videos, and getting more and more anxious about the application. Well I wasted a lot of time and energy because putting on the Jamberry Nails was a piece of cake… nothing to be anxious about at all. Of course like with anything you do a little practice makes you better.  


Jamberry Nails Samples
Jamberry Nails Sample Sheet with 2 Accent Nail sheets.


My first nail took a bit of time because I was getting used to the process, but after that I kept getting better and better at it. Honestly it is easier than painting your nails. I always made a mess with the polish on my cuticles and then of course I had to smudge at the very least one nail while waiting for them to dry.  There is no drying time or chipping with these wraps. YAY!

Jamberry Nails
I finished my first Jamberry Nails Mani.

I could have done all my fingers with the one design or chosen one accent nail on each hand. But I like being different and I couldn’t make my mind up on just one accent nail, so I though “Why choose just one!” That is the beauty of Jamberry Nails – you can mix and match all you want.

Jamberry Nails Pedi
Jamberry Nails Pedi

My toes were getting a little jealous so I decided to give myself a pedicure too. The toes were a little more difficult because I had to cut them to fit each toe, but I will save the wraps when I remove them from my toenails and use them as a template for next time.


    Here is the official  video on application and removal.



Jamberry Nails B3G1 offer


Webtastic Jamberry Nails
I just gave myself a Webtastic Jamberry Nails Halloween Manicure. Love it!

Christmas is just around the corner. I know I am already trying to come up with fun and unique gift ideas, and women and girls of all ages love expressing themselves by doing their nails, and would enjoy getting some Jamberry Nails and creating their own unique mani and pedi’s. 


Check out all the Holiday Nail Wraps — There are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Winter themes.


A Jamberry Juniors section with smaller sized wraps to fit kids or small nails.


Maybe you are just looking for a classic French Tip — Jamberry has an array of French Tips 


There is something for everyone  with over 300 wraps to choose from.



The Giveaway

I am so excited about this giveaway!

 The giveaway is for the Sister’s Style Exclusive Jamberry Nail Wrap — “Check It Out”.

(This exclusive wrap is NO longer available for purchase!)

Enter the Giveaway on GottaChop.com for the Exclusive Jamberry wrap -- "Check It Out"

Check It Out Jamberry Nail Wrap Giveaway




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          1. Hi and thanks for the invite 😀 Did you want the post to be about Jamberry Nails? click on the “contact me” tab above in the menu bar and give me a little more info. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  1. I LOVE Jamberries! My favorite design they are not carrying anymore but it was one of the givebacks with the heart and needle and thread through it. But I am loving the new Halloween ones right now Black Bats, and also Widows Web, I am wearing Cup of Tea as I type!

  2. There are some really pretty styles!!! Animal prints, floral, and black and whites!!! I am a sucker for floral and the Azure rose, China Rose , and the one not in the site that is on the images you have the one with the Polka dots and rose, that matches my coin purse I will be getting soon, they are lovely! 🙂

    Also the direct link you give us didn’t work for me? I had to go to the hostesses page to get it

    1. You picked some great ones, the one I have on with the polka dots and roses was an accent nail sample, I love that one too 😀

      Thanks for the heads up on the link, i will have to check it out.

  3. Hi Maggie! I wasn’t sure I would be interested in Jamberry. Honestly, I’m not a girlie girl AT ALL! I’m so rough with my hands, nail polish doesn’t really work for me. I’m too impatient and always mess up the polish before it’s dry. But your post about these Jamberry nails got my attention. I’m dying to try them now. My favorite color is SILVER FLORAL ON MAGENTA. I hope I win!! I also joined the FB party. 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole 😀 I love the Silver Floral Magenta too, it’s gorgeous! I am crazy about all the holiday wraps, I want them all 😀 I am like you when i comes to polish – I always mess it up and hate waiting for it to dry. I am so glad my post was helpful, thank you! Good luck in the giveaway and thanks for joining the FB party too!

  4. oops, sorry I hit send early. I wanted to say, on behalf of pretty much the MAJORITY of consultants, that you were unfairly treated. For the record, and based on your articulate presentation and obvious love of Jams, I think you would be a PHENOMENAL addition to our team. If you would like to consider joining, please don’t let one bad experience turn you away. I would LOVE to welcome you to MY team, if you’re interested in having someone who 100% has your back as a sponsor. 🙂 I’d love to chat, feel free to contact me ANY TIME.

    1. Thank you so much for your support Jennifer, I really appreciate it! I do think Jamberry Nails are awesome and I am glad to know there are other consultants like you involved with Jamberry.

      1. wow I just checked out that pin and I love that your can layer the wraps. Who would have thought you could layer them! I am crazy about that combo.

    1. Those are great Holly and what a great way to promote Autism Awareness. Jamberry is so awesome to donates $2.00 for every sheet of charity nail wraps purchased to the Autism Society of America. Way to go Jamberry!

    1. They are soooo cute. I couldn’t make up my mind what to order. I finally decided on Webtastic they will be so creepy for Halloween I just love it. I also love that I got free shipping by using the code FS306618 😀

  5. I have my eye on the silver floral on magenta wraps. I always get distracted looking at all the designs but I keep coming back to those! They just pop!

    1. Those catch my eye every time too Elizabeth, and then I start looking at the all the Fashionably Festive wraps… I finally picked Webtastic. Now I am looking for a Thanksgiving wrap 😀

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