My Little Garden


Growing up we always had a garden.  As a kid, all I knew about gardening, was that it was gonna be a lot of hard work.  Of course I loved eating all those fresh veggies!  Back then there were no GMO’s and I didn’t have to worry about if what I was eating was grown at home or bought in the store.  Those were simpler times, things have really changed.  Don’t get me wrong, progress is good, and I enjoy all the modern conveniences and advancements in technology and science.  But there always seems to be a good and bad, yin and yang.

Now I do worry about where my food comes from, is it organic, or is it a GMO. ( Here is an article about 10 reasons to avoid GMO’s) I feel so betrayed by the FDA that they have allowed GMO’s to be used as ingredients in so many foods we eat, without letting us know by labeling foods containing GMO’s.  I am trying to eat healthy, by eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables now, and I want to know if they have been genetically modified.

So my sister and I have decided to make a little garden of our own, just like when we were kids.  Except, when we were kids, our father and mother used to do most of the tricky stuff, like when to plant , what to plant,  and where to plant.  So we are just planting a few things to get the hang of it again.

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