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Just Say NO To GMO’s

I love watching YouTube videos…there is so much information out there.  Right now I am really interested in watching videos that deal with the whole GMO problem we are facing.  It’s really important we educate ourselves and demand GMO labeling on Genetically Engineered food so we can make our own choice to consume it or not.


It can get really expensive buying organic all the time so I have added a new video from EWG that talks about the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen. The top foods you definitely want to buy organic and some that you can go the cheaper route and buy conventional. 


Be sure to check out my Boycott Pro GMO Brands page too by clicking here. If we stop supporting companies that use and support GMO’s it will show manufacturers that we will not sit back and take it anymore. That we have educated ourselves about the dangers of GMO’s and will not put our families and our planet in jeopardy anymore.

 I would like to share some of my favorite videos with everyone interested.

Boycott These Top Pro- GMO Brands


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Myths and Truths

  Here is a cute little cartoon that breaks it all down for you…the story of GMO’s.  It may be a cartoon, but the facts are so real. Take a few minutes to watch, you may be surprised.

So where are the labels for GMO’s … wasn’t that a promise? Didn’t Obama say we have the right to know?

Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director-Institute for Responsible Technology, leading spokesperson on the health dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Part one.

Part two.

It can be really expensive to buy organic fruits and veggies, and most of us just don’t have the extra money to buy everything organic all the time. I know when I started learning about conventional v.s organically grown foods and all the dangers of GMO’s and pesticides I panicked and only wanted to buy and eat organic. Not only is it hard to find organic but it is usually much more expensive than conventionally grown. 

Sometimes in life you have to “pick your battles” and I found out this is one of those times.  I searched the internet and found a great resource for information, the  Environmental Working Group or EWG, and they have a list called the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen” Here is one of their videos with more info.


EWG’s 2014 Shopper’s Guide


14 thoughts on “Say No to GMO”

    1. I know April it is so frustrating that the FDA has allowed this to happen. Good news is by people like you and me not buying products containing GMO’s companies are starting to make GMO free products. For example I got a big box of GMO free Kettle Brand Popcorn in the mail today 5 different flavors. YUM! I also buy Kettle Brand chips and they are NON GMO Project Verified too.

  1. It is truly appalling that our government is so deeply in the pockets of big money/ corporations that agencies that were created precisely to PROTECT PEOPLE/ Consumer have flipped and now instead their top priority to protect Big Business and Corporations (which by the way, ARE NOT PEOPLE. But now we are stuck for the indefinite future a Supreme Court that believes that Corporations not only enjoy our HUMAN RIGHTS in America and the MONEY + Free Speech. WRONG!

    Corporations are legal entities that business create to protect and limit the responsibilities that the PEOPLE who do run/own the to Corportations from people like you and me. AND

    Money is PROPERTY not Free Speech.

    Or to quote a Peter, Paul & Mary song (not sure who originally wrote – I apologize to that fine soul:

    “If religious were a thing that money could buy, the rich would live and the poor will die.

    I haven’t given on Obama yet (on this very important matter) He could still come through for us (at least a little and enough to build on. I know Michelle (and his daughters) are very much on his case about this vital, lfe & death issue. Thanks for your good works!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    1. Whoo-hoo Thank you Jesselyn for your amazing and passionate comment. I appreciate someone who “gets it” Our USFDA has seriously let us down! I hope Michelle and the Obama girls work on daddy and get him to see the light.

  2. This makes me sick. The FDA needs to quit screwing around and endangering lives by allowing this to continue…but I do think that money talks, and you know what (BS) walks….so it’s going to be a long, hard road for those of us who want to see GMO regulations actually followed. You’re right, though- at least there are some companies out there who are making GMO-free products now. It’s just up to us to take the extra time and energy to make sure those products we’re investing in are GMO-free. Keep on fightin’ the good fight, I will!

    1. Thank you Georgette for your comment and helping the fight for non-gmo foods! We need some honest unbiased people in the FDA to ever get it straightened out, but I don’t look for that to happen. You are right… it is up to us to take the time and energy to invest in GMO-free products and keep spreading the word. One day we will have a large enough voice to really make things happen! 😀 “Keep on Fightin’ the Good FIght”

  3. Didn’t realize GMO is such a huge problem, organic is looking better and better. How do you go chemical free on a budget?

    1. I struggle with the high prices that healthy organic foods usually have over the cheap bad for ya foods. Those foods are so cheap because they use whatever substandard ingredients they want to use. I guess it goes back to the old saying– “you get what you pay for” Thanks for your comment Melissa, hopefully the more of us that demand organic foods will help with the prices coming down 😀

  4. It’s hard with my hubby going to school to afford organic–but this was such a good read! As we get more money when he is done with school, it will be nice to be able to afford better food.

    1. I agree 100% Bryanne it is hard to afford organic all the time… I added a new video (above) that lists the Dirty Dozen – that you def want to buy organic and the Clean Fifteen – that you can get by with buying the less expensive conventionally grown. Hope this helps. 😀

    1. Claire, you are absolutely right, I was just at the store today getting some groceries. Walmart is getting better at having more organic options with better prices, but I am with you, some things are just too expensive to buy organic. It’s frustrating that we have to make a choice.

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