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iArrow iPhone 5 Sports Armband Review


iArrow iPhone 5 Sports Armband

3 in 1 product includes

Armband / Phone Cover / Screen Protector


I just went for a walk using my iArrow iPhone 5 Sports Armband. I had my Spotify app on my favorite radio station, my exercise app on and my iArrow armband with my iPhone on my arm– I was ready for some walkin’.


I have used this armband for quite some time now and I really like it. I know this armband is for the iPhone 5, but my iPhone 5 sorta had an accident (it fell in the toilet) and is no longer with us. So I got out my old iPhone 4 and thought I would give it a try.  I left my old iPhone 4 cover on my phone, because the iPhone 5 cover was too big, and slipped my phone into the holder on the armband and it fit. Not a perfect fit, but it works nice and didn’t fall out during my walk. It was very secure. I was able to take the phone in and out of the armband holder to check my workout progress and give my favorite songs a “thumbs-up” on Spotify.


I am so glad that my iPhone 4 will fit into the armband because I love having my phone with me during my walks, but I hate having to carry it if I don’t have pockets. Since the iPhone 5 is larger, it really wasn’t a problem getting my smaller iPhone 4 to fit.


The armband has an adjustable velcro strap that makes it easy to adjust the band to what ever arm size needed.  It will fit arm sizes between 9 1/2 inches to 17 inches. Which will be convenient when the weather gets cooler and I have long sleeves or even a lightweight jacket on.


The iArrow iPhone Sports Armband come with a clear screen protector, a phone cover and the adjustable armband.  All three are pictured below.


Protector, Cover and Armband
Screen Protector – Phone Cover – Adjustable armband. Images from amazon.com


What I Like About the iArrow iPhone Sports Armband


  • It’s lightweight and easy to adjust

  • Fits iPhone 5 & 5S (and I am able to use my iPhone 4 in the armband. Not the protector or phone cover)

  • Comes with a durable hard phone cover and screen protector + the armband

  • Hand-washable

  • Fits arms from petite to large (9 1/2″ to 17″)

  • Allows access to all buttons, headphone jack & charging port

  • Anti slip finish

  • High quality solid durable rubberized hard plastic 

  • 200% Guarantee 

 Get your own iArrow iPhone 5 Sports Armband at Amazon.com




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Gluten-Free and Loving It


As I am walking around the yard I think to myself how long it’s been since I have had the energy to even go outside, much less walk around.  It is unbelievable how much my life has changed since I started eating organic clean whole foods and cut GLUTEN completely out of my diet, I am gluten-free and loving it!  I am eating a low-carb, high-fat LCHF mostly Paleo diet trying to get my diabetes under control, and so far it’s working.

I tested my blood sugar level and it was 127 mg/dl.  Now that may not sound like a perfect number, but it is truly a miracle for me.  For example, I looked at my calendar where I track my blood sugar readings, and on February 16, 2014 my numbers where as follows– my first reading of the day after fasting all night was 231 mg/dl, then the rest of day it only got worse– 334,476,434,492,431, and finally 343 mg/dl.  I felt terrible ALL the time.  I don’t ever want to go back there again!

I love how I am feeling now, my mood is so much more calm and positive, and I am starting get energy and an actual desire to get out of bed, even get out of the house in the day time.  It has been years since I have even gone out in the sun, and now I know how important getting a little sunlight is so my body can make its own vitamin D.

I love flowers with all their beautiful colors and fragrances, they just make me happy.  I especially love finding wildflowers. I have noticed that now I enjoy walking around the yard taking pictures,  picking blackberries, or even doing some light yard work or gardening.  Oh yeah, and a big bonus, I am actually loosing weight.  I love the new me.  Here is a little slide-show of my recent photos.

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