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The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau


I did it! I finally broke through the dreaded weight loss plateau.  Everyone always says don’t weigh yourself, don’t worry about what the scale says.  Well easier said than done.  I had tried for so many years to lose weight and so many diets that I had grown impatient.  I kept seeing or reading about so many people losing weight eating a Paleo diet that I thought the weight would just melt off quickly.

The first few times I weighted myself I would see a loss of a pound or so and I was ecstatic! It was finally happening, I was losing weight.  People were starting to notice and complement me.  My clothes felt a little looser.  I was starting to feel so much better and my energy level was increasing, that all felt so good.  Then it happened…the dreaded weight loss plateau.

I weighed myself  and I weighed the same as last week. So I waited two weeks and I still weighed the same.  I thought to myself well maybe I am just retaining some water, that’s what everyone always says when their weight fluctuates. When you have a lot of weight to lose like I do you can be easily discouraged by thinking how long it will take to lose so much weight.

Another week, no weight loss.  So I thought to myself, I am feeling so good, my energy level is up and my blood sugar levels are going down.  My mood, anxiety and depression are so much better.  My physical aches and pains are almost non-existent.  I have a lot to be thankful for and the weight loss with come again, just keep on keepin’ on.

I decided to start walking around the yard in the evenings to get a little exercise and sweat out some toxins.  I hadn’t really been paying attention to my portion sizes of what I was eating; it was hard enough just cutting out all the junk food, gluten, dairy, soy and legumes.  So I became more aware of what I was eating and how much I was eating, and I quit worrying about weighing myself.

Then It happened.. I broke through the weight loss plateau!  I was out in the yard taking pictures of flowers and my mother was looking at me and she said you really need to pull your shorts up, they look like they are falling off of you. Then I realized just how loose they actually were, and I thought to myself, I’m gonna go weigh myself.  Sure enough I had lost almost 6 lbs. since the last time I had weighed.  I was so excited, and proud of myself for sticking to it.  All of my old pants and shorts were too big, it was so satisfying to remove them all from my closet and get new smaller clothes. Yippee!

I haven’t weighed myself since that day, now I know what is really important is my health and how I feel, not what the scale says.  Don’t get me wrong, I will weigh myself again, cause it is exciting watching the numbers get smaller, but the scale will not dictate my success now.


18 thoughts on “The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau”

  1. Love this story Maggie! It’s so inspirational. I try to avoid the scale, but sometimes I can’t. I think how you feel and look are the most important predictors. Unfortunately, my clothes are all getting tighter! Maybe I should try the Paleo diet… 🙂

    1. Thank you Nicole I appreciate your comment and it is hard to stop worrying about the numbers on the scale. I am learning to appreciate that feeling better and getting my physical health in order is more important, and luckily weight loss seem to be a side effect. Yay!

  2. I know how you feel. I want to weigh myself all the time. If I lose weight I feel great; if I gain I get depressed. I keep trying to reassure myself that I don’t need to know the numbers on a scale. It is hard.

    1. Yes Angie it is very hard not to worry about the scale, but we are learning that it is far more important how we feel emotionally and physically, and eating healthy organic foods is the way to accomplish that. We just have to be patient and have faith. The weight will come off, maybe slowly, but it will come off.

  3. Yes I step on the scale more than I should and really find myself dreading it. Congratulations on reaching your healthy happiness. Inspirational post!

  4. I have essentially stopped weighing myself as well! In fact, I am now actually focusing on putting on weight (muscle) rather than losing!

    1. Thank you for your comment Elizabeth… it is hard not to ruled by the scale, but when you give it up- it is very freeing 😀 good luck with gaining some muscles and feeling healthy and wonderful 😀

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